Forget about brushes!

Here’s how to apply your makeup using a cosmetic sponge applicator.

The Beautyblender ($19.95 at Sephora) works wonders when damp. It will smooth and refine your makeup to provide a clean finish and prevent caking.



1. Wet the Beautyblender with warm water, squeezing out the excess. Distribute foundation on your face first or apply directly on the sponge. Blend makeup by stippling (bouncing) the sponge with the round side against your face.

2. Use the pointy side to get under the eyes and around the nose; this also works great for blending concealer.

3. Use the side of the Beautyblender to blend out cream blush.

4. For more precision, use the Micro.Mini Beautyblender in hard-to-reach areas.


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