This homemade lip gloss keeps your lips moisturized while adding a hint of color and shimmer.


Petroleum jelly; blush, powder eye shadow or bronzer; a dish (I used the Sur.face pro); a small spatula or brush for mixing, and a container.


1. Scoop a small amount of petroleum jelly (about the size of a quarter) into the dish.

2. Sprinkle chosen powder on top. (I used a loose eye shadow pigment in Sparkle Red by Jesse’s Girl.) Now you can get creative. Add more colors, a little shimmer or extra powder to deepen the color. Start out with less; you can always add more for greater intensity.

3. Mix everything together into a smooth paste. Store your new lip gloss in the container. Apply gloss with a synthetic brush, which is easier to wash, or a disposable brush.

Tip: Broken shadows or blushes would be perfect for this. Just grind them up into a fine powder and you’re all set!


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