Halloween zombie nail tutorial




Small paintbrush; eye-shadow brush; red, yellow, brown and black nail polish; nail file; artificial nails; nail glue; black and brown eye shadow; cosmetic wedge; tweezers; and a nail clipper Optional: Stage blood, face paint, additional tools, such as different-sized paintbrushes.


1. Pick a nail that fits your nail bed best, cut it down but not too much; file the surface for added texture.

2. Using a nail clipper, cut the nail into puzzle-like pieces that will mimic broken, ripped nails.

3. Glue the broken nail pieces back on to create a cracked and broken appearance. (See photo 3.)

4. Once glue dries, mix yellow, brown and black nail polish to create a dingy green color. Paint on nails and use cosmetic sponge to take away some of the color, so it looks stained.

5. For a dirty/bruised effect, use a cosmetics sponge to stipple some blue, brown and purple face paint on your hands and palms. If you don’t have face paint, brush brown and black eye shadow all over the hands.

6. With a thinner brush add dark-red polish or fake blood to the cracks in your nails. Don’t forget the back of your nails, too. Just have fun with it!


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