How to create a face burn – SFX makeup


1. Use a cosmetic sponge to apply thin layers of liquid latex (a paintbrush comes in handy here). Make sure each layer dries before applying the next. You don’t have to be precise because we want the outer edges to look messy.

2. For added texture, stipple a layer of liquid latex and sprinkle some dry oatmeal on top; this will look like the “skin” is peeling. Once this dries, use tweezers to poke holes through the liquid latex to roughen the surface texture.

3. To cover the eyebrow and nose, so that it appears as if they have melted off, apply thin layers of toilet paper and liquid latex on these areas while the latex is still wet. Repeat these steps as needed.

4. Once the latex has thoroughly dried, apply some foundation around the edges to blend latex into the skin. Put red cream paint or eye shadow all over it. I also applied black eye shadow and liner around the eyes to darken that area.


Liquid latex; oatmeal; toilet paper; paper plates for mixing; a cosmetic sponge; foundation; red, blue and purple cream paint; black shadow; black eyeliner; fake blood; makeup brushes (use cheap ones — they will be ruined by the time you’re done); tweezers; and small cosmetic scissors.

5. Stipple some purple and blue cream paints on the red for a bruised effect. Apply a darker color to the open wounds; this will create more depth. The darker the color, the deeper the wound will appear.

6. For the last step, stipple stage blood all over. I also added Ben Nye Fresh Scab to all the areas I wanted to deepen.


• Give yourself about two hours to create this look.

• When applying the oatmeal for texture, instead of sprinkling it on top of the latex on your face, mix it into some latex on a plate and then apply the mixture with a cosmetic sponge.

• When applying any FX makeup, use old makeup brushes or small paint brushes you don’t mind ruining.
A cosmetic sponge is great because you can throw it out when you’re done.


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