Just for men

I received products from the Dove Men+Care line and gave them to some male friends and co-workers to try. Here are their reviews:

Hydrate+ Pro-Moisture Shave Cream, $5.99
“I really like it because it is like a lotion, not a foam product. I was able to see exactly where I was shaving. My skin felt nice and soft with no irritation, and I got a smooth shave with no cuts. I would definitely recommend this.” Arsen A.

Deep Clean Face Scrub, $5.99
“My face felt refreshed, and the dry skin on my forehead seemed to go away. [But] I haven’t tried any other face scrubs, so it’s hard to compare.” John B.

Fortifying Styling Gel, $5.99
“It holds its shape without being as stiff as my regular gel, and maintains its hold after being combed through. And it smells nice, not too heavily perfumed.” Chris K.

Fortifying Styling Paste, $5.99
“This pomade has a medium to firm hold without weighing the hair down.  No shellacked hair helmet. It is water-based, so it rinses out easily and stays clean with very little fragrance. Very good product for its lower price.” Robert W.

Dove Men+Care is available at drugstores.

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