Summertime braids | Dutch, Crown, Fishtail & Waterfall

Summertime braids — try one to jazz up any outfit, whether for beach, wedding or everyday.

Crown braid

1. Part hair in the middle and start from the back of the head. Gather hair and separate into three sections.

2. Begin braiding hair closest to the scalp and stay close to the head as you continue braiding so that the braid wraps nicely around to frame the face.

3. When you get near the end of the braid, tie it with a small rubber band.

4. To hide the end, tuck it under the braid and secure with a bobby pin.

5. To loosen up the finished braid for a more natural look, tug on it carefully with your fingers.
(Note: Hairspray works great to tame flyaways. Or simply pin stray hair down and tuck bobby pin into the braid.)

Dutch braid
A dutch braid is a french braid inside out.

1. Separate hair into 3 sections.

2. Take the first piece from the right, and add to the middle but from underneath. Continue from the left, adding to the middle from underneath.

3. Secure the braid by crisscrossing two bobby pins.

4. To give a more relaxed look, tug on the sides of the braid.

Fishtail braid

1. Tie hair in a ponytail and separate into two pieces.

2. Grab a piece of hair from the outside and bring to the middle. Continue by taking the same amount of hair from the opposite side, and cross over to the middle.

3. Keep braiding all the way down, it’s important to keep your tension so the braid stays put together. Use hairspray to get the braid cleaner.

Waterfall braid

1. Part hair in the middle and begin with 3 sections of hair on either the right or left side of your head.

2. Overlap sections, as in a French braid, but drop the outside section after each overlap. When ready to overlap again from the outside, grab a new section of hair.

3. Occasionally marry a new piece of hair into the braid by adding to the middle section.

4. It’s important to maintain a direction to the braid (down your back or around your head) so the braid doesn’t end up crooked.

What’s your favorite style?

A big thanks to The Rittenhouse Spa & Club — hair by Paul Labrecque and their stylist Mia Silverio who created these braid tutorials!

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