Rocksbox – jewelry delivered to your house!

Hi 🙂

Rocksbox reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their monthly jewelry subscription box, I agreed because hey, why not!?

Here’s what the subscription offers:

$19/month (use my code for a free box “tipsbyellexoxo”), 3 pieces of jewelry per box. Before you receive the box you will fill out a style survey so they know what you like. I think they did a great job picking out pieces that match my style. You can wear the jewelry for as long as you want before sending it back. If you love a piece you can purchase it on their website and keep it. They include a return shipping label and you can just put it back in the same envelope it came in and send it back. As soon as they recieve it, you will be shipped a new box with 3 new items. There is no obligation to remain a member which I like. For more information I would suggest going to their website 

I must say that I am impressed! The packaging is very nice and well put together, the pieces were individually wrapped. I was worried about the jewelry feeling cheap but that was not an issue! I think this is a great subscription for people like me who don’t usually buy jewelry and would like to venture out and try something new.

What I don’t like about this subscription is that you have to return the products and if you really love a product than you would have to buy it which results in spending extra money. I also lose jewelry easily, so I can only image how much money I would owe.

Generally speaking, I think this is a lovely idea. Subscriptions boxes are hot right now, you can find a subscription box for almost anything these days! Let me know what you think about Rocksbox down below. Have you tried this subscription before?

Stay beautiful!




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