Just for men: Cleansing and moisturizing

Cleansing and moisturizing the skin are just as important for men as for women. Here’s a guy’s review of the Clarisonic Alpha Fit men’s cleansing device (clarisonic.com, $189), and some skin-care tips.

Joe, 23, says: “Before using the Clarisonic Alpha Fit, I would quickly rinse my face with bar soap while showering. The device is easy to use and  takes only 60 to 80 seconds, depending on whether you  have a beard — approximately 20 seconds on each section of the face. Because the process is so fast, I don’t mind it.
“At first my face broke out, but that went away after a week or so. It makes your shaving experience much better and it can be used in the shower, which is great. The only downside is that it’s pricey.”

Many guys don’t think about moisturizing their faces. To keep skin from feeling dry, apply a facial moisturizer, like Evolution Man Moisture Protect SPF 20 (birchbox.com, $34), day and night. It’s unscented, dries matte (no shine) and keeps skin hydrated all day.


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