Bdellium Tools Studio Eye Brushes

I first heard of Bdellium Tools when I attended The Makeup Show NYC. As I made my way over to the booth I noticed two young ladies hovering over the brush stand. I overheard one of them telling their friend “This is the best brush ever, grab as many as you can!” So, naturally I had to grab one for myself to see what all the hype was about. 

The brush I mentioned is Studio #776 Blending, $9. It is comparable to the MAC 217 Blending Brush, $25 and Sigma Beauty E25 blending Brush, $14. It is clearly a lot more affordable and the quality is great. I like to use this brush to blend out eyeshadow in the crease of the eye. If you can get your hands on this brush, I highly recommend you do.

Described as “Perfect for shading and blending powder or cream products. Effectively diffuses lines to create a professional appearance.”

Here are more brushes I tried from Bdellium Tool’s Studio line, (this line has yellow handles).

Studio #772 Small Shader, $8. I like to use this for precision work, especially on the lower lash-line and in the inner corner of the eyes, it’s small and dense so it’s perfect for tighter areas.

Described as: “Great for powder, concealer and any emollient-based product application. For precise and quick shading, evenly sweep shadow across the eyelid.”

Studio #755 Smudge, $8. I would describe this brush as a smaller version of the brush I mentioned above (#772). Great for detail work.

Described as: “Use this brush to smudge your shadow for a soft smoky look.”

Studio #778 Large Shadow, $9. I like to use this for sweeping powder eyeshadow all over the lid. It’s very soft.

Described as: “Designed to apply shadow to the entire lid evenly & smoothly. Use for applying, blending, and highlighting powder-based products.”

Studio #766 Angled Shadow, $8. This brush is great for applying eyeshadow on the outer third of the eye and in the crease. It’s very soft and blends well.

Described as: “Soft and smooth angled fibers ideal for applying shadow to the crease and corners of the eye. Great for adding color to the contours of the face.”

Studio #714 Flat Eye Definer, $8. I cannot live without this brush. It helps define the lower lash line, really getting in there and making sure there are no empty spots without eyeshadow.

Described as: “Firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color.”

Studio #780 Pencil, $9. A staple for any makeup enthusiast. The pencil brush is perfect for blending the lower lash-line.

Described as: “Pencil-shaped tip allows for precise shading on the eyelid, eye crease and lash line. Great for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoldering, smoky look.”

Studio #763 Angled Brow, $8. Great for filling in the brows with eyeshadow. I do not recommend this for eyeliner as the bristles are not firm enough.

Described as: “This angled brush has both natural & synthetic bristles which have been carefully arranged to form a perfect angle to help define your facial features. The tapered tip is perfect for work along the lash-line.”

Studio #710 Eye Liner, $8. Love this brush for eyeliner, you can really get a sharp wing with it. It’s also synthetic which is easier to wash and picks up liquid products well.

Described as: “Extra-fine narrow pointed brush to line the eyes. Use with wet liner”

Studio #760 Liner/Brow, $8. I don’t have any brushes like this one. It’s very small, dense with a slight angle. Can be used for eyeliner and shadow. Great for detailed work. I also like using this brush to clean up nail polish mistakes!

Described as: “Ideal for precise work on the eye & brow. Blur lines lines drawn by eyebrow or eyeliner pencils to create a flawless blend.”

Studio #733 Lash, $8. I actually use this to brush out my eyebrow hairs but it is meant for your lashes. I think any brush can be used whichever way you would like, as long as it works for you.

Described as: “Use for applying mascara products and separating lashes.”

Bdellium tools is one of my favorite brush brands, great for those who are looking for affordable brushes with great quality. You can shop for these brushes by clicking on the link below:

BDellium Tool Studio Professional Brushes



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